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Artworks - Massimo Polello

Massimo PolelloBorn in 1970 in Turin, where he still lives and works, Massimo Polello is Italy’s best-known contemporary calligrapher and has exhibited his work extensively around the world. Polello mixes contemporary expressionist painting with traditional calligraphy to create his unique style. He superimposes classic calligraphic techniques with painterly experimentations, and the use of innovative materials such as resins, varnishes, and unconventional media. Moving away from the stereotyped use of paper and canvasses, he is always on the lookout for recycled materials upon which he likes to confer a new identity. After studying the traditional calligraphic styles, Polello geared himself towards the artistic expression of this discipline by creating his own language and an expressive approach aimed at imparting the culture of calligraphic art in a contemporary context. The texts Polello uses for inspiration are often taken from contemporary music, poetry and literature. In Polello's works, the alphabet transcends the typical function of the written language and its relative symbolic and abstract value by becoming an image that confers value to the shape and gesture of the sign. He recently collaborated with artist and film-maker Peter Greenaway in video installation and catalogue "Peopling the Palace" for the opening of Venaria Castle, Turin.